What is a PEO?

A PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. It’s a business services organization, once named, Employee or Staff Leasing. The PEO business model may sound complex, but it’s a simple concept.

PEOs such as Staff Leasing, are contracted by small-medium sized companies to take over several employee administrative functions. Providing an all-inclusive outsourcing of human resource consulting, payroll processing, employer payroll tax filings, workers’ compensation insurance, health and retirement (401k) benefits, regulatory compliance assistance, and employee management technology.

Human Resource Consulting


Employer Payroll Tax Filings

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Health And Retirement (401k) Benefits

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Employee Management Technology

The way Staff Leasing offers all these services, in one neat package, is by moving all our clients’ employees over to our own Federal and State tax ID numbers. This provides Staff Leasing the ability to work on behalf of our clients to negotiate and offer more competitive rates for employee benefits. If you have a small business with between 3-45 employees, you wish to go it alone, providing health insurance and a 401K, you may be limited on what you can offer or even afford. Under Staff Leasing’s PEO model, your employees would be grouped in with our pool of over 6,000 employees offering more buying power.

There is no need to be concerned over losing control of your employees or company. They are still you’re employees. You will continue to direct, hire and train them as you always did. Staff Leasing becomes the employer of record for tax purposes. As the legal employer, Staff Leasing is responsible for withholding proper taxes, paying unemployment insurance taxes, and providing workers’ compensation coverage; the stuff that can take time away from your business but doesn’t increase revenue.

Since we have what’s known as a co-employment relationship with our clients, we also share in some of the risks of being an employer. We make sure to keep up with the changing State and Federal guidelines. If we don’t, in some cases we also become liable. Whether it’s making sure your employee handbook is up to date, you have the proper job descriptions and titles on file, your annual sexual harassment training has been completed or the hiring/termination of employment process is properly executed, we help keep you in Compliance.

Lastly, to streamline communication and integrate all these services, we provide an online employee management platform. From there, your employees, can request time off, view payroll information, change deductions, view or choose benefit and retirement options. You as the employer can pull various reports for accounting purposes, approve time off requests and hours worked. With so many employees working remotely this has become a necessity.

In other words, we help you, so you can run your business.

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