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Partnering with Staff Leasing is a rewarding business relationship that brings you unlimited income opportunities. When you connect your clients and members with Staff Leasing’s services, we all prosper.

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For insurance agents, CPAs, and financial advisors

Tap into the income potential of being
a trusted Staff Leasing partner

Earn more by being more to your clients. When you connect your clients with Staff Leasing, you deliver a higher value to them by solving not only their benefits needs, but also addressing their payroll and HR needs. Plus, you get paid for every referral who purchases a Staff Leasing solution.

As our insurance broker partner, you’ll receive

Revenue Share

Receive monthly residuals when your referrals become Staff Leasing clients. Your earned revenue share grows as their employee count grows.

Expanded Network

Share leads and business relationships with a local Staff Leasing business development manager who is dedicated to your success.

Why partner with Staff Leasing?

We believe in you. We get in the fight with you to help ensure your success. And we deliver on our promises.

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