Focus on your business with a partner that makes it
easier to be an employer

Ease of Employee Administration
Having payroll, benefits, and workers’ compensation all in one place all accessible through cloud technology

Make More Informed Decisions
Imagine having a team of experts that are there to help with employee issues coupled with business intelligence engine in our system… consider yourself informed

Reduce Unexpected Expenses
Benefit increases, workers’ compensation increases and even the reality of being hit with employment complaints can surprise even the very best businesses

Attract the Right Talent
Competing for talent today means having the right health and retirement programs

HR Expertise

Guidance that helps reduce the risk of being an employer

Employee Benefits

Competitive benefits attract the right talent

HR Technology

Simplify and reduce the cost of employee administration

Workers' Comp

A complete workers’ compensation program that improves cash flow


Accurate, flexible, and reliable solutions that pay for themselves

Why use a PEO?

Of business owners who used a PEO,

1 %
Would recommend a PEO to a colleague
1 %
Report increased profitability
1 %
Report increased revenues


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