How to Write a Job Posting That Attracts Great Applicants

How to Write a Job Posting That Attracts Great Applicants

If you’re looking to recruit great talent, you need a job listing that grabs their attention. Learn how to write a job posting that attracts quality candidates.

Writing a job advertisement can be a tricky process. First, you want to be sure you’re outlining the position correctly. But also, you want to write it so that it attracts applicants that you’ll actually want to hire.
If you’re struggling with how to write a job ad, you can start by asking your outsourced human resources department for help. Because of their experience they can help you with the details of the position, salary, and the job title.
But, if you’re still stuck, stick around and keep reading for some pointers on how to write a job posting that sells not only the open position but also your company culture.

How to Write a Job Posting That Will Attract Talented Candidates

A good job posting should be succinct enough so that the reader will be able to see what is most important. Blocky paragraphs and long sentences should be edited down to bullet points where applicable to make it easy to read.
Some other tips on how to write a job advertisement include the following:

  • Job Title
    Make sure you include a job title in your job posting. This not only allows the job seeker to find your open position but also gives an idea of what the job is.
  • Introduction
    Give some details that will entice applicants to apply. The introduction is your place to hook the reader and make them keep reading. Remember this is as much about marketing your company as it is helping a candidate select the right position for them.
  • Company Information
    Mention your company culture and awards and accolades your company has received. Talk about what current employees say about working there.
  • Details About the Position
    The job description should provide a practical understanding of workload that comes with the position and responsibilities that the position holds. Make sure to list the most important aspects of the position at the top.
  • Candidate Requirements
    Don’t forget to include a list of candidate requirements in your hiring advertisement so that the applicant knows if they’re qualified. This can include education, work history, and skills.
  • Mention Salary
    The job ads that are most successful never fail to mention salary. This is important for the applicant and saves time. But, it’s also important to help your company attract candidates that are not over or under qualified.
  • Where and How to Apply
    Include instructions for the applicant. Some employers choose to require candidates to respond to job postings with a key phrase. This helps weed out applicants that don’t read the job posting thoroughly.
  • Proofread It
    Of course, you should never post a job advertisement without reading, re-reading it, and having at least two other people read over it. If you want to attract quality candidates, your grammar and spelling must be impeccable.

How to Write a Good Job Posting

Finally, the best advice there is for how to write a job posting that will attract talented candidates is to keep it simple and brief while outlining the key points.
While the majority of those reading your ad will be unemployed, there may be some candidates that come across it with the intent of browsing. These will be top-level employees across industries that may have an interest in switching jobs but don’t have the time to read through extensive job postings.
If you need help finding quality employees, feel free to contact us. We’re in business to help your business.

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