HR trends that are shaping employment in 2019

HR trends

If 2019 is anything like 2018, then you can expect the challenges of running a business to continue.  Unemployment is at historic lows, so keeping up to date with HR trends can enable you to plan for challenges and perhaps even find that next key employee or better yet make sure you keep the superstars you already have.

HR trends that are shaping employment in 2019

Check-Ins over Performance Reviews

Managing performance daily in the form of frequent check-ins gives managers the chance to address issues and turn around performance faster. Providing feedback to those not meeting expectations isn’t something that benefits from being delayed. Scheduled performance reviews are still important, but day-to-day performance management plays a bigger role in keeping the team on track.

“The more fluid and seamless you can weave performance management into daily workflows for managers and employees, the better,” said Amanda Augustine, career advice expert for TopResume.

Focus on Culture

First, we all know that culture comes from what CEOs and executives demonstrate vs. what they say. As a business owner or C-Suite exec, you are being watched at all times.  Are you actively managing culture? The new people coming into the workforce are choosing better culture over better pay. So, culture is about a lot more than just benefits like employee rewards, discount programs, and retirement plans.  Culture is also about cooperation, so it’s important to teach managers how to have the right conversations with the employees they manage. Managers are on the front lines, and have some of the strongest pull when it comes to building company culture.

Healthier Engagement

The new standard for HR platforms is that they must empower teams to strike a balance while still being able to access scheduling, insurance, or other HR info. We’re connected to so many things by just carrying a phone with us. Because of this, when employees leave work, work often follows them home. As workplace culture improves and technology capabilities grow, employers need to establish clearer rules of engagement.

Development and Coaching

With rapidly changing technology comes rapidly changing skills gaps. Ongoing development is critical if a company and the individuals in it are to stay competitive. These skills deficits often mean that recruiters can’t reuse criteria like they may have in the past to fill out their payrolls in 2019. Bridging knowledge gaps with coaching and skills development is essential. We recommend coaching programs such as Positive360 and The Coaching Wheel, but there are many others.

Better Insights

Technology is constantly changing and is an even more powerful tool than ever to predict trends in your company. We’ve reached a point where we have access to some incredible insights.  Putting these insights in the hands of your managers means they’re working with the full playbook. With all the right info, they have what they need to be able to lead the team to greatness. The data that comes from human resources is people and performance focused, so it’s a perfect way to take the pulse of the organization.

HR is no longer just paper pushing and picnic planning. It does more than just support business outcomes. It often drives those outcomes. That’s why it’s so important to have a handle on your employee services.

Here’s how to implement these trends in your own activities:

Upgrade your HR platform

Your platform should make your employees’ and managers’ lives easier, not more complicated. It should also provide key performance information that can be aligned with company goals. Check out how our HR technology can simplify and reduce the cost of employee administration.

Check-in often

Integrate performance management into your daily activities, and enable your managers to provide real-time feedback.

Reward performance

Set up benefits and structures that reward your people and help build them into even more valuable assets. Use your HR platform to set goals and monitor performance metrics.

Enforce healthy work-life balance

Establish communication guidelines and expectations that help the team stay connected while balancing their individual needs.

To wrap up, HR in 2019 means focusing on the human in human resources with the help of technology.

If you’d like some help with your human resources, let us know. Our team can help.

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