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We are currently upgrading our HR technology. You’ll find links to both platforms below.


* If you have NOT been upgraded to the new system yet, please login here.


* If you have been upgraded to the new system, please login here.


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Short answer: To better serve you. Staff Leasing keeps on top of industry trends, and continually improves the services we provide. The human capital management software will allow us to further streamline both the client and employee experience. Perhaps the greatest reason for upgrading is its modern, easy-to-use interface that works across smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. If you conduct an ever-growing percentage of your daily business directly from a mobile device, we’ll be ready for you!

We promise we won’t switch without warning. Our conversion to the new interface will be gradual to minimize disruption for our clients. Before we upgrade your account an associate will reach out to begin the conversion process. We will make sure both you and your employees are fully prepared and trained on the new system before switching. Feel free to call 315-641-3600 for more specifics on your account.

While the conversion process continues, this page will display two separate login buttons. Until your account is upgraded, continue to use the Client Login (HRP) button on the left. Once your account has been upgraded to the new Staff Leasing Human Capital Management System (SLHCMS) software interface, you will no longer be able to log in to the old Client Login (HRP), and should use the new SLHCMS button below instead.

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