Workers' Compensation Management

In small business, cash flow is crucial. We offer several workers’ compensation programs for you to choose from. We will assist with the administration of your policy, claims administration, and safety compliance.

Protect Your Employees / Protect Your Business

Of course, workers’ compensation insurance is required by law. It protects you and your employees from unexpected and costly medical bills, and it compensates workers for loss of income in the event of a workplace injury. You benefit from our extensive experience with policy administration and injury claim administration in one of the most effective, and cost-effective, ways possible.


Cost Control

Although having insurance saves employers money on medical expenses and damages, without experience in the field, it is easy to make mistakes when purchasing, renewing, and managing workers’ compensation policies. Staff Leasing calibrates your workers’ comp insurance so you don’t overpay.


Our “Pay-As-You-Go” plans, where available, improve cash flow. With our plan you pay accurate workers’ compensation premiums with every payroll and eliminate the upfront premium deposits required by other carriers.


Proper allocation of workers’ compensation classification codes for your staff allows for accurate assessment of liability.


You benefit from our relationship and familiarity with providers to negotiate the best deal possible for your workers’ compensation coverage, saving your business critical cash flow.


Collecting premiums every pay period keeps preparation for a workers’ compensation claim easy and automated. Staff Leasing also handles audit reporting.

Fast Reporting

Upon notification of a work related injury, we provide assistance with the accident reports – C2 & C3, notify your insurance carrier, and then a C240 Wage Report is provided.

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