Payroll and Employee Administration

Let Staff Leasing reduce the time-consuming chore of payroll processing.

We make payroll simple, so your employees receive checks on time and without error. Our specialists help you manage and deal with special employee deductions and taxes along with the many other statutory regulations. With our easy web-based technology, you and your employees can review their payroll and handle administrative tasks quickly and efficiently.

You can rest assured that your payroll needs will be well taken care of by our payroll experts. Staff Leasing is required to submit payroll and tax deposit data to our accounting firm on a quarterly basis in order to maintain our New York State registration.

Payroll Accrual, Tracking, and Processing

Staff Leasing will provide you with automated payroll accrual, tracking, and processing services. Our automated state-of-the art system accommodates a wide range of Paid Time Off (PTO) policies, so you will have plenty of flexibility, combined with increased accuracy. Time can be tracked by fiscal year, anniversary, or per pay period accrual, and calculated based on months worked, hours worked, or a flat amount. We automatically include time off details on each payroll stub.

Payroll Processing

Options for payroll processing include time clock and point of service (POS) systems, plus Microsoft Excel interfaces. Because the system is web-based, timesheets can be updated 24/7 from anywhere.

Job Costing

Staff Leasing will simplify and improve your ability to make accurate job cost calculations. Our flexible system lets you track costs by department, division, project, and shifts. Detailed reports and invoices can be generated according to job and rate allocation.

Prevailing Wage / Certified

Simply provide Staff Leasing with the job description and rates for your prevailing wage jobs, we can generate the U.S. Dept. of Labor Wage and Hour Division certified payroll reports.

Payroll Deposit Options

  • Standard Automatic Deposit
  • Automated Deposit into multiple accounts (checking, savings)
  • Paperless Check Option

Web-Based Payroll System

Payroll through Staff Leasing gives you access to a state-of-the-art, web-based human resources management and information system without your company having to make the capital expenditure. We also provide all the necessary technical support staff and manage upgrades to keep the system efficient and current. Our system provides 24/7 access to valuable reports and information for you and your employees.

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