Human Resources Services

Let our HR experts handle the wide array of administrative tasks that keep you in compliance with evolving federal and state regulations.

Infrastructure Development

The professional infrastructure leads to a stress-free and profitable employer/employee relationship.

Job Descriptions

Staff Leasing customizes job descriptions when appropriate to meet client-specific needs. Job descriptions are essential for recruiting, coaching, training, and evaluating employees, as well as setting expectations for employees to be successful and productive in their positions.

FLSA Review

Staff Leasing ensures that job classifications and payroll setup properly reflect the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Employee Handbooks

Staff Leasing compiles federally-compliant policies (workplace harassment, discipline, leaves, etc.) applicable in New York State and all states, customizing the documents when appropriate for client-specific needs. After client approval they will be distributed to employees and then posted online.


Compliance Assurance

Get a team of professional HR specialists who can lend a helping hand with day-to-day HR duties. Our HR professionals handle the wide array of administrative tasks that keep you in compliance with evolving federal and state regulations.

HR Partnership

Staff Leasing advises on interviews, procedures, recruitment, retention, and employee relations.

HR Service Center

Our Human Resources team is available to help you with issues related to discipline, terminations, harassment, discrimination, wage payment, and deductions. Our consultants will suggest possible courses of action and discuss applicable federal and state laws that may apply. We also provide a neutral party contact for worksite employees to discuss serious employment concerns like harassment, discrimination, and more.

Unemployment Claims

Staff Leasing manages the response to unemployment claims and assists with preparations for appeal hearings. Staff Leasing also helps proactively avoid unnecessary unemployment claims by providing assistance with documenting reasons for termination.

Employee Relations

Staff Leasing reviews current disciplinary policies and recommends revisions or additions with the goal of improving employee performance.

Growth and Development

The bottom line is, all companies want to grow. Partnering with Staff Leasing paves the way for that growth, eliminating painful bumps in the road along the way.


Staff Leasing offers seminars hosted by our human resources team. These courses cover areas such as:

  • Interviewing & Hiring
  • Discipline & Documentation
  • Harassment
  • HR101

We also provide on-site and phone consultations as needed.

Performance Management

Develop customized performance management tools and training to support implementation of position-specific evaluation forms, performance objectives, feedback programs, and more. We will create, enhance, and implement an employee orientation program that is unique to each client’s needs.

Employee Relations

We can assist and advise clients with internal investigation procedures and internal complaint processes. Training and coaching for supervisors and managers are available in the following areas:

  • Managing and resolving employee conflicts
  • Federal wage and hour claims
  • SUTA claims, hearings, and appeals
  • Title VII and Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

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